5 Benefits of a Reliable Single Point of Contact for Chauffeured Ground Transportation
5 Benefits of a Reliable Single Point of Contact for Chauffeured Ground Transportation
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5 reasons for a single point of contact for chauffeured ground transportation

You’re looking for a reliable supplier for worldwide chauffeured services? The multitude of local suppliers is making it difficult for you to make a decision? Here are the 5 Benefits of Having one Single Point of Contact.

When you’re looking for a general Ground Transportation Provider, take care that you’ll have a Single Point of Contact for any worldwide destination. With a multitude of suppliers, in different countries and with different languages, also with different understandings of service levels, you might end up wasting time on the phone instead of focusing on your main business purpose. This can be extremely time consuming and very distracting. And according to the popular mindset that we’re all aware of, time is money.

Moreover, dealing with several local suppliers will cause time-consuming efforts to explain your specific requirements. You figure it’ll take years to gain confidence in a service a partner to whom you entrust your managers. A single point of contact though will have intimate knowledge of your transportation needs and will somehow be acting as an extension of your organization. Ideally, he will always know what’s going on and will be proactively keeping your best interests in mind.


What is a Single Point of Contact?

A dedicated single point of contact is a specialized travel consultant or an agency that handles all your ground transportation requests and inquiries worldwide. They will be in charge of relevant communication while sourcing the perfect service provider, take care of every single detail, and finally find rapid resolutions for service requests and claims. The usual communication channels will be used to get in touch with a single point of contact, such as phone, email, website-platforms, or even apps nowadays.


At ACTION Worldwide Limousines, we are even taking it one step further because each client is assigned to a small dedicated team of professional and experienced agents. This applies for all types of our services, may it be chauffeured services or airport meet & greet services. To meet the requirements of any worldwide customer you can call or Email us 24/7/365. The customer experience will be characterized by seamless workflow and the personal relationship that you can easily build up with your dedicated service representative.

Being assigned to a small and highly qualified team of agents, you know exactly who you are dealing with and can reduce communication to a necessary minimum. Doing that on a daily basis we’ve become be the first choice for many C-level executives as well as their PA’s, for VIP travelers and their travel agents who are looking for a one-stop-shop for all ground transportation requirements. The relationship and top-level service you receive is making all the difference.


5 Benefits of Single Point of Contact


1. No Need to Re-Explain

Looking for the right partner to solve your problem can be frustrating and time-consuming. By using just one service partner, you’ll always be able to get the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Since there’s no need to re-explain anything, all questions and requests can be resolved on a timely basis. There’s less risk of miscommunication and no need of repeating questions and requests over and over.

ACTION Worldwide Limousines is familiar with accommodating the most complex VIP itineraries. Multilingual service agents will take care of specific VIP requirements like dedicated drivers at certain destinations, tarmac access as well as the smooth integration of VIP Meet & Greet, and executive protection services.


2. No Waste of Time

We all know the pain of calling customer service and getting different answers from different members of a call center. Long wait times, inexperienced representatives, and phone chains seem to be the norm. It’s frustrating and a waste time too. You’re lucky if you’ve solved your problem within one day time. What you need instead is the accurate answer when you ask the question, if possible, immediately.


3. Human Trust and Risk Mitigation

With a dedicated agent as your point of contact, it’s easy to build a relationship with that person. You feel yourself in good hands. But to ensure maximum safety for our customers, each service needs to be monitored closely. Moreover a state-of-the-art technology platform does its part. You’ll have real-time status notifications, automated signboards with your company logo, an integrated flight tracking with automated alert features, fully integrated driver apps and many other features of proactive risk management. And this is how services of ACTION Worldwide Limousines contribute effectively to an active travel risk management.


4. Availability, Efficiency and Support

When you call or email ACTION Worldwide Limousines, you’ll never have to wait on hold or get transferred from department to department.

24/7 availability is the basic requirement for those global networks and international agencies that cater for the VIP segment. Reaction times on bookings and inquiries will usually be less than 2 hours.

A single point of contact and a dedicated agent will make sure everything is running smoothly, efficiently, and effectively. Even when your preferred agent isn’t available when you need him, it will not result in your request not being processed. With the help of a very well-structured IT-based customer support system you’ll still get all the support and information you need, anytime.


5. That’s how it works

All you need to do to get all of your transport requests handled is contact ACTION Worldwide Limousines, your single point of contact.

Whether it’s executive ground transportation or airport meet & greet services, our overall goal is to help our clients to save their precious time and resources by offering them high-end ground transportation services. We are committed to meet the unique needs of our clients anywhere in the world and make them feel safe and at ease. Give us a call, send us an email, a dedicated agent will respond immediately.



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