Back to Business: an Interview With a VIP Meet&Greet Agent at Madrid Airport
Back to Business: an Interview With a VIP Meet&Greet Agent at Madrid Airport
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Meet & Greet Service Airport Madrid

Carolina is a VIP Meet & Greet service agent at the airport of Madrid-Barajas. She has been responsible to serve our VIPs at MAD airport on various occasions. ACTION Worldwide Limousines had the chance to have her participate in the following interview. Carolina is answering our questions regarding the current situation and the procedures during COVID-19.


1. We’re extremely happy that your VIP service at Madrid Airport has re-opened. After these long months of closure due to the pandemic, we can finally start sending you our clients again. Now just to recap, Carolina, and to benefit from your experience, can you tell the main reasons to book a VIP service at Madrid Airport?


The perfect word for this question is:  comfort. We can use another one like exclusiveness, attention or privacy but all of them mean comfort after all. The VIP service offers our clients the management of their flight. They don’t have to worry about anything because we take care of everything. We do the check in, we coordinate with the air line, with the security, with the transport and when the passengers arrive they go directly to the plane. Remember, they don’t need to arrive at the airport two hours prior to the flight like regular passengers and queue up for the security control or police control because we have our own. So if we have to choose the main reasons that will be: saving time and gaining peace of mind.


2. We have the impression that air travel has changed so much due to COVID-19. What are your security protocols and measures in order to guarantee the client’s safety and prevent them from infection?


We actually do a lot. First of all passengers must provide proof of a booked flight to get into the airport. Then there are dispensers of hands sanitizer in the entrance of the VIP lounge and protections screens between the reception desk and the passengers. We take great care to ensure that the lounge is cleaned after each service and toilets, tables, chairs and sofas are been disinfected. Our sections maintain the security distance and at the moment we don’t accept more than 2 services at the same time. In this way unfortunately the capacity of the lounge is reduced to 50% in case a lounge has been reserved. We’ve removed the self-service and now meals are served upon request.
The security lock is equipped with protections screens and it’s only accessible for 2 passengers inside.  Our vehicles are cleaned with alcohol and other appropriate disinfectant solutions.


INFO: What is an Airport Meet & Greet Service?


If you travel, and especially if you’re a VIP or public figure, it’s important to have as little stress and risk as possible. That’s why we offer Airport Meet & Greet Services. It’s the maximum of convenience and it saves a lot of your precious time! You can choose from Meet & Greet on arrival, Meet & Greet on transit from flight to flight and Meet & Greet on departure. That’s what you get: Your personal assistant will meet you at the aircraft or take you to the aircraft. Entry formalities, check-in process and baggage handling, your Meet & Greet agent will take care while you sit and relax in the VIP lounge. No unnecessary exposure to public areas! Minimum security risk and maximum time saving guaranteed!


3. Are there any restrictions regarding your service as such or is it the same as before COVID-19?


Our services actually are not, but of course passengers need to be aware of possible restrictions due to entry suspensions into certain countries. Also some airlines have restrictions, so we always take care to inform the passenger before the service about it. To have a smooth flight, it’s important that passengers know and meet the requirements to enter their destination country.


4. What would you recommend and/or tell your guests – would you have any personal advices?


Well, the most important thing is to use masks. We can help out in case passenger might need one. In my opinion this is the main security measure and after all it protects everyone. Another important thing: We’re entering a new normal and we need to accept that. All of us know that it isn’t the best time to travel but if this situation continues over the months we will have to establish new habits and consider different forms to live, to interact, to have fun or to travel and as soon as we learn this, we’ll find that it normalizes the “the world” again and it will be easier for us to adapt. That’s what I think.


5. Have you recently noticed a higher demand/or different target groups requesting your services?


Well, with the restrictions we had, we’ve had only few services and those were for our frequent flyers. I’m quite sure though that when air travel picks up again, we’ll have a higher demand than before because travelers do see the advantage that they’ll have using our services. It’ll simply allow them to avoid crowds. So what we do now is taking care to be prepared.

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