Chauffeured Services in Times of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
Chauffeured Services in Times of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions
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An impression of chauffeured services in times of COVID-19 and the governmental travel restrictions that came with it.


It was during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Europe was in almost complete lockdown. There were severe restrictions on public life, international travel reduced to almost zero, borders closed even in the Schengen area. The team of ACTION Worldwide Limousines had the task to enable stranded business travelers to return to their home countries. This included a large number of Polish members of cruise crews.


What was most important in such a situation?

Especially detailed planning of the daily business of chauffeur rides in times of COVID-19 together with our local partners was essential at that time. A permanent monitoring of the changing COVID-19 travel rules and restrictions was a must – and it still is today. Speed, communication, and flexibility are the keywords for a successful service. At the end of the day, we also had to have a satisfied customer in the USA, although the circumstances proved to be very complex.


What was the special challenge?

Over 100 people, stressed and unsettled, had to be brought safely to their homes after landing at various European airports. The organization of the seamless border crossings was certainly the most difficult part. Due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, our passengers had to cross the borders partly on foot. However, thanks to active monitoring and intensive communication with the colleagues, all this was accomplished completely smoothly. There were bizarre situations: Because of late landing times of the special flights, border crossings took place at night, like in secret service movies from the Cold War era. Short-notice bookings demanded a maximum of flexibility from everyone involved. Each individual was responsible for making sure that the chauffeur rides became links in a perfect logistics chain.


How is the situation today, in October 2020?

Renewed travel restrictions are to be feared, unfortunately. We are already receiving inquiries and orders for cross-border chauffeur services or long-distance trips. We all wish the normality of daily business of chauffeur trips in times of COVID-19 back, and that as soon as possible. If necessary, however, we will be happy to advise you on travel options with comfortable vehicles and experienced chauffeurs. Anywhere in Europe – because this is now part of our daily business in times of COVID-19.


Reliable information on currently valid travel instructions, warnings and restrictions are currently indispensable when planning a necessary stay abroad. National and international regulations on entry requirements, reporting or quarantine obligations change daily. Only trust official sources such as information websites of the respective governments, such as the German Foreign Office or the ministries of health.

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