Hollywood in Vienna | September 23 + 24
Hollywood in Vienna | September 23 + 24
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Concert gala in the Vienna Konzerthaus


September 23 + 24


The concert:


As part of the concert gala, the City of Vienna honors one of the most important film music composers of our time with the Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award. The Viennese Max Steiner is one of the most influential pioneers in Hollywood film history and set timeless film classics such as KING KONG, GONE WITH THE WIND and CASABLANCA to music.

Although Hollywood film music is often seen as a typically American art form, the musical style can be traced back to Vienna. The symphonic form of film music is now returning to its roots in Vienna, the city of music. Many Austrian emigrants such as Erich Wolfgang Korngold, who achieved fame in Hollywood with THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, created the typical “Hollywood Sound” with extensive orchestration and romantic melodies.

In addition to the composers, Vienna welcomes all creative people from the wonderful world of film and hopes to contribute to an unforgettable evening with its spectacular ambience.

The concert on September 23 corresponds artistically to the gala evening on September 24, 2022; only the festive presentation of the “Max Steiner Awards” will only take place on September 24th.

Guest of honor Alan Menken is one of Hollywood’s most successful film composers and a true Disney legend.

He wrote melodies that are known worldwide and have enchanted generations. In 1989, Disney celebrated its glorious return to the great fairy tale musical with ‘The Little Mermaid’. More important than ever for the animated masterpieces was the music that breathed soul into the animated fairytale worlds. One name shaped the films of the so-called ‘Golden 90s’ like no other: Alan Menken. In addition to ‘The Little Mermaid’, the composer wrote the soundtrack and songs for the modern Disney classics ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Pocahontas’, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and many more – Disney’s dream worlds were preserved through his unmistakable sound. Menken masters romantic ballads like “Beauty and the Beast” from “Beauty and the Beast” or tongue-in-cheek feel-good songs like “Under the Sea” from “Arielle” just as masterfully as he does great orchestral musical sounds.

Alan Menken will receive the “Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award” at the Hollywood Film Music Gala in Vienna. (Source: hollywoodinvienna.com)



The Vienna Konzerthaus:


The Vienna Konzerthaus enjoys a unique reputation as a venue, which is based on three merits: dealing with tradition in a lively way, opening up new audiences with a bold program and being open to new developments. These virtues have accompanied the Konzerthaus since its beginnings.

The unique atmosphere of the Vienna Konzerthaus not only attracts artists from the international music scene. It also forms the framework for numerous other social events, balls, conferences, dinners, company presentations and celebrations. The experience in the event area has a long tradition in the Vienna Konzerthaus, which goes back to the 1920s. The wide range of programs and offers in the Vienna Konzerthaus clearly points to the future. Due to a large-scale general renovation (1998-2001), the venerable building is also prepared for the challenges of the third millennium.

Large Hall, with 1,840 seats
Mozart Hall, with 704 seats
Schubert Hall, with 336 seats
Berio Hall is the newest hall with space for up to 400 people




Wien Schönbrunn




Vienna Konzerthaus

Performers and Guests


Enjoy the city of Vienna with its diverse sights


Sachertorte Wien


For more tourist information, check out Vienna´s official travel portal.

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