Stop Over in Abu Dhabi

At First Glance

  • 1.48M
  • Arabic
    Official Language
  • AED
  • UTC+4
    Time Zone
  • Abu Dhabi International (AUH)
    Main Airport

Most Booked Routes

  • AUH Airport :      -       Etihad Towers
  • AUH Airport :      -       Abu Dhabi Global Market
  • AUH Airport :      -       Yas Island
  • AUH Airport :      -       Corniche Beach

Your New Favourite City?

Abu Dhabi’s culture is deeply rooted in its Islamic heritage. Visitors should respect local customs, such as dressing modestly when visiting religious sites and during Ramadan, and refraining from eating, drinking and smoking in public during daylight hours. Emirati hospitality is deeply ingrained in Abu Dhabi’s culture. Emiratis pride themselves on their generosity and hospitality to guests, reflecting their rich cultural values.


Always Worth a Visit.

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a major business and commercial hub in the Middle East. Historically known for its oil reserves, Abu Dhabi has been actively diversifying its economy to reduce its dependence on oil revenues. The government has implemented various initiatives to promote sectors such as tourism, finance, real estate and manufacturing.


  • 30 km
    From Airport to City Center
  • Emirates Palace
    5 Star Favourites
  • 88.8/100
    Travel Safety Index
  • Al Harees
    Must Have

This Is How We Do It.

In Abu Dhabi, a handshake is common, but wait for your Emirati counterpart to initiate it. Emiratis value indirect communication and may avoid confrontation or saying “no” directly. Be diplomatic and maintain a polite and respectful tone during discussions. Navigate your business interactions in Abu Dhabi with our Road Show service, where we ensure courtesy and professionalism.


Gateway To Posibility.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the main airport serving the capital of the United Arab Emirates. There are three passenger terminals. Terminal 1 is the terminal that primarily serves as the main hub for international flights operated by various airlines. Call for an Airport Transfer service from us, lets connect your arrival via the E10 highway to the city seamlessly.

A Word From The Chauffeur

``Abu Dhabi, with its golden sands.``

“Let me chauffeur you through the breathtaking views of the desert, the sea and the amazing architecture of Abu Dhabi.“
Ali M.