Business in Beijing

At First Glance

  • 21million
  • Chinese
    Official Language
  • CNY
  • UTC+8
    Time Zone
  • Beijing Capital International (PEK)
    Main Airport

Most Booked Routes

  • PEK Airport :      -       Financial Street
  • PEK Airport :      -       China International Exhibition Center
  • PEK Airport :      -       Zhongguancun Science Park
  • PEK Airport :      -       Wangfujing Street

Your New Favourite City?

A nexus of China’s cultural and historical heritage, Beijing harmoniously blends ancient charm with modern dynamism. The Forbidden City, a symbol of imperial splendour, echoes the tales of emperors past, while centuries-old hutongs contrast with the contemporary skyline. This seamless fusion of tradition and innovation defines Beijing, making it a captivating canvas where historical treasures and vibrant street life come together.


Always Worth a Visit.

Located in the heart of China, Beijing is thriving as a global business hub. The Zhongguancun Science Park is renowned for its thriving technology landscape and pulses with innovation. The Central Business District is home to towering skyscrapers and financial powerhouses. Beijing’s economic landscape extends beyond this, with key industries in finance, telecommunications and cutting-edge research creating a vibrant tapestry of diverse business opportunities.


  • 32km
    From Airport to City Center
  • Waldorf Astoria Beijing
    5 Star Favourites
  • 71.6/100
    Travel Safety Index
  • Peking Duck
    Must Have

This Is How We Do It.

Navigating business etiquette in Beijing combines traditional customs with modern professionalism. Begin meetings with a polite greeting, present business cards with both hands and respect hierarchy. After the meeting, enjoy a meal together to cultivate the relationships that are crucial to successful business partnerships. Enhance your experience with our Chauffeur Service, an artful journey through Beijing’s vibrant tapestry of culture and history.


Gateway To Posibility.

Beijing Capital International Airport blends modernity with Chinese charm. Its expansive terminals, adorned with traditional motifs, reflect the city’s fusion of heritage and innovation. Amidst a sea of travellers, it stands as a gateway to China’s vibrant capital, welcoming all with open arms. Elevate your journey and connect effortlessly with Beijing and its airports, including Daxing International, with our exclusive airport transfer service.

A Word From The Chauffeur

''Beijing, A capital of history.''

”As your chauffeur, I’ll unveil the Forbidden City’s secrets and guide you through the labyrinthine hutongs, ensuring every moment echoes the rich tapestry of China’s capital.”
Zhiyuan W.