Winding through Prague

At First Glance

  • 1.3M
  • Czech
    Official Language
  • CZK
  • UTC+2/UTC+1(W)
    Time Zone
  • Václav Havel Airport (PRG)
    Main Airport

Most Booked Routes

  • PRG Airport :      -       Prague City Center
  • PRG Airport :      -       Prague Congress Centre
  • PRG Airport :      -       Pankrác Business District
  • PRG Airport :      -       Karlin

Your New Favourite City?

Prague’s culture is a tapestry woven from centuries of history, art and intellectual pursuits. Its skyline, dotted with medieval towers and Baroque churches, tells of a rich architectural heritage. UNESCO-listed sites such as the Old Town and the Castle District bear witness to Prague’s historical significance. Artists, writers and musicians have long found inspiration in Prague’s labyrinthine streets.


Always Worth a Visit.

Manufacturing plays an important role in Prague’s economy, with industries such as automotive, engineering, electronics and pharmaceuticals. The city’s skilled workforce and favourable business environment have attracted multinational companies and investors seeking production and distribution centres in Central Europe. Tourism is another key pillar, with millions of visitors flocking to the city each year to explore its historical landmarks, cultural attractions and vibrant nightlife.


  • 17km
    From Airport to City Center
  • Four Seasons Hotel
    5 Star Favourites
  • 75.3/100
    Travel Safety Index
  • Svíčková na smetaně
    Must Have

This Is How We Do It.

Formality and punctuality are fundamental aspects of Prague’s business culture. Typically, initial meetings are conducted formally, marked by handshakes and adherence to titles and last names. While direct communication is appreciated, maintaining politeness and respect is key. Dress conservatively, as professional attire is expected. When traveling in and around Prague, rely on our Road Show service, ensuring punctuality alongside comfort and attentive care.


Gateway To Posibility.

Named in honor of former Czech president Václav Havel, the main airport serving Prague boasts two primary passenger terminals, each designated for Schengen and non-Schengen flights respectively. In response to escalating passenger numbers, the airport has undergone substantial expansion and modernization initiatives aimed at enhancing services and facilities. Enhance your travel experience in Prague with our Meet & Greet service at Václav Havel Airport.

A Word From The Chauffeur

''City of a Hundred Spires''

”Allow me to chauffeur you around, unveiling the splendor of Prague before your eyes, one spire at a time.”
Petr M.