5 Questions to Find the Right Chauffeur Service
5 Questions to Find the Right Chauffeur Service
Chauffeured Services  |  2 October, 2019  |  Heidi Claus

There are many providers of limousine and chauffeur services, ranging from micro-enterprises to online providers of well-known brands. But which limo service takes your individual requirements into account? Where is security most important? These 5 questions will help you find the right chauffeur service for your needs.

1. Do I need a chauffeur service that operates worldwide?

Many chauffeur service providers only offer their services at selected locations where they have their own vehicle fleet. As a customer, this might suit you for a while – as long as your destinations match the destinations on offer. But it will change as soon as your company is investing in new business in a foreign region or your superior has a new travel destination in mind.

If you want to guarantee that your passengers arrive at their destination smoothly, safely and satisfied at all times, you should choose a limo service that offers reliable partners worldwide. The quality should be consistently high, the drivers well trained and, of course, the vehicles must meet the highest safety standards.

Knowledge of the respective markets is also very important in this context. A good chauffeur service knows the peculiarities of Brussels as well as Dubai, Delhi or Boston. This expert knowledge makes the difference for passengers and bookers alike.

Did you know?

ACTION Worldwide Limousines operates a global service network with 400 destinations worldwide. This has made us the first choice for many executives and VIP travelers looking for a one-stop shop for all their passenger transportation needs.


2. How can I tell that the travelers are really safe?

It all starts with the first contact. With a good provider, you don’t just get a standard offer; instead, you talk to a qualified employee who analyses your requirements precisely. Do you need Airport Meet & Greet services, personal security or point-to-point transportation? Are your travelers VIPs, diplomats or global business travelers?  What are your main destinations?

Chauffeur services should be booked via a central booking system. This way, all trips are recorded in the system and you can locate your travelers at any time. At best, you will receive status messages to find out whether the passenger is already sitting in the limousine or whether the plane may have been delayed.

Last, but not least, a good limo service offers you a choice of vehicles: do you need an armored limousine, an SUV with enough space for the security officers or special protection vehicles for business travel to areas with a high risk factor?

In addition, insurance and data security must be guaranteed. All these questions are taken into account by a good partner and you can rely on them when it comes to duty of care.

Travel Risk Management

“Managing travel risks has become significantly more important to our customers,” explains Ralf Rehder, owner of ACTION Worldwide Limousines. “Travelers want to feel safe and need to be safe. What we can do as an operation is to attach great importance to fulfilling the duty of care in our own company. But at the same time we need to offer our customers suitable solutions to close security gaps in their travel processes”.


3. Is the limousine service available day and night?

A 24/7 service should be a matter of course for every limousine and chauffeur service. If an important meeting lasts longer than planned and the flight is postponed, the chauffeur must of course be available at a different time. Such ad-hoc plan changes are not uncommon. No call center and certainly no chatbot can help you with your individual requirements. Therefore, even at unusual times, a qualified contact person should always be available to advise you.

4. Which technology solutions really make sense?

With the necessary expert knowledge and the right tools, limousine service providers can help their customers achieve better results and simplify their workflows. Highly efficient IT-based systems for process management and monitoring support these goals. B2B solutions with customer login enable you to directly access the relevant data. This includes proactive monitoring, flight tracking, automated alerts and real-time status reporting. If you are concerned about the security of travelers, a B2B solution is certainly better for you.

5. Does my limousine and chauffeur provider know my industry?

You know what special requirements apply to your industry – but does your limousine service provider know as well? Does he know the international standards of the diplomatic protocol? Is he aware what is important for VIPs? Does he have specialist knowledge in security matters? Is he familiar with the requirements of high-profile events? Does he know what is important for the travel risk manager in the company?

It is this specialist knowledge that makes all the difference. Put your contact person through their paces before you decide on a limousine service. It is worth investing this time to obtain tailor-made solutions for your travelers. In the end, you will find the right chauffeur service for your specific needs.

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