7 Ways to Increase Travel Safety
7 Ways to Increase Travel Safety
Travel Management, Safety & Security  |  4 December, 2019  |  Heidi Claus

Violent protests in Hong Kong, floods in Italy, danger of crime in certain South American countries and the threat of terrorist attacks all over the world – traveling always involves risks. Anyone who sends employees on business trips should therefore protect them with an appropriate travel risk management. We’ll give you 7 pieces of advice on how to increase travel safety.

From time to time we all think about the potential risks of a journey. Nevertheless, we still continue to travel – both for private and professional reasons. On the current Travel Risk Map 2020 you can check the level of risk at your most important destinations. Since local transport is associated with the highest safety risks, the following tips are focused on ground transportation in particular: What can you do to offer your travelers the greatest possible safety before, during and after their journey? Take the necessary steps to ensure that your business travelers feel safe and secure – to fulfil your duty of care.


1. Inform your travelers

Give your travelers all the necessary information before each trip. This is especially true if your former European sales manager has now extended his responsibilities to the Middle East, for example. Provide them with the sources that they need in order to stay informed about the risks at your destination: The German Federal Foreign Office provides basic safety information on all countries worldwide. On the ACTION Worldwide Limousines website, under “Locations”, you will also find relevant descriptions of numerous destinations and the services that are available.


2. One-stop-shop

ACTION Worldwide Limousines offers you all the services of executive and secure ground transport. Our highly efficient IT-based process management helps you to keep track of your employees’ travel. Book the journey to the airport, the Airport Meet & Greet and the onward journey to the appointment on a one-stop basis. This way you always know where your travelers are and can react quickly in the case of an emergency.


3. Choose a safe means of transport

Dangers await us especially when using public transport, ranging from pickpockets and data theft to the risk of infection with dangerous diseases or a terrorist attack.

A limousine service with trained and experienced chauffeurs offers your travelers not only a high level of comfort, but also a high degree of security. In areas with increased risk, you can add an extra layer of security by using an armored car.


First choice worldwide

ACTION Worldwide Limousines has built up a worldwide network of companies with many years of experience and highly educated and trained drivers. Contact us now


4. If necessary, book executive protection

Depending on who is traveling and where they are going, it may also be useful to book personal security agents. At ACTION Worldwide Limousines, our people are trained to ask the right questions on the phone to identify such requirements. Together with you, we will gladly develop a comprehensive and effective overall security concept.


5. Locate travelers fast in an emergency

With our IT solutions, every service you book with us is closely monitored. Integrated flight tracking and real-time status messages give you the peace of mind that your traveler has arrived safely. Since all travel information is bundled in our systems, you can take action at any time in the event of emergencies or spontaneous changes or delays to the trip.


6. If something goes wrong: Contact us

If there are any problems, you’ll get an incident report and you can contact the ACTION Worldwide Limousines team 24/7. This round-the-clock availability is a prerequisite for companies operating and traveling globally. Our customers appreciate short response times when handling their requests and offering quick solutions tailored to their needs.


7. Duty of care is a serious matter

The duty of care also includes the follow-up of business trips. After your sales manager has safely returned home from the Middle East, ask him: What went well? Did you experience any problems? Did you feel insecure at any point of the trip? In doing so, you can continuously improve your travel risk management processes and ensure the safety of your travelers.

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