Top Trends To Be Expected at CES 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada
Top Trends To Be Expected at CES 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Jan 07-10, 2020, Las Vegas, NV: The CES, Consumer Electronics Show of Superlatives

One thing is certain: If you visit the CES 2020 in Las Vegas, you will once again experience various wonders. What the world of electronic technologies is capable of producing seems limitless and inexhaustible. The CES in Las Vegas is clearly the hotspot for technology enthusiasts or those who don’t want to miss the latest professional trends. Don’t forget to secure your chauffeured services. Being flexible in your scheduling is the basis for successful networking.

It is not a bold prognosis that the following five top trends will be talked about again in 2020:

Apple: Omnipresent But Not Present

One of the most remarkable phenomena at CES was and is the absence of one of the greatest protagonists.  Like in past years, Apple will not be presenting its products at the world’s leading consumer electronics trade fair, but is still on everyone’s lips.

For example, there will be more news about the cooperation between Apple and various television manufacturers, so that in the future, buyers of top-of-the-range devices such as LG or Samsung will also be able to use Apple services. iTunes on home TVs is a real news and a WIN:WIN situation for both companies, because Apple can also earn money on the devices of other manufacturers in this way and the products of such brands as Samsung or LG will become more attractive through the use of Apple services.

The Robots Are Coming (And Are Here to Stay).

For some time now, this has no longer been science fiction, but daily reality in many households. Robots, especially Samsung’s robots, are much more than just vacuum cleaners today. The smart, versatile helpers have developed into household robots that take on important tasks. They can monitor the air quality in living rooms and intervene to clean or humidify if necessary. Robots can measure blood pressure and monitor the heart rate if they are properly equipped. Robots can even be used in restaurants, so don’t be surprised if you order the bill and a small electronically controlled figure rolls up and asks for your credit card. Aroused interest? Take a look around and visit the Samsung stand.

Hightech Unfolding: Foldable Displays for Smartphones and Tablets.

As at the CES in Las Vegas 2019, the latest developments in foldable displays will be presented again this year. Foldable displays are cool, but are they really ready for series production? There is no doubt that important steps towards market maturity will also be seen during CES 2020. Whether or not foldable displays are the technology of the future can ultimately be judged only by consumers themselves.

More Beautiful than Reality: Display and Monitor Technologies.

You can be sure that this year again the latest visual sensations will be presented on the monitor market. However, the variety of different technologies will not diminish. There will rather be more new standards and technologies and one manufacturer will try to outdo the other with the latest visual sensations. Which technology proves to be truly superior, OLED, QLED, LED, LCD or even the latest laser technology, that will show the future and ultimately remains up to consumers to judge. There’s nothing like your own visual impression. Go to the Show Floor, you can’t miss it is and nothing can replace it.

Siri, I Love You.

Today language assistants are (almost) indispensable. Which one of you has a smartphone?  Well, if you have a smartphone, you also have a language assistant such as Siri or the Google Assistant.

The clever little helpers have slowly and unstoppably crept into our digital everyday lives. Once you have crossed the threshold of talking loudly with your own phone in public, you will quickly appreciate the value of having a language assistant at hand.

Even if we are all probably still far from developing an emotional relationship with our Siri or our Alexa, in the future it will become clear which of these smart helpers really support our everyday lives and which are and will remain a pure technical gimmick.


Secure Your Mobility for the CES 2020, Book a Vehicle with Chauffeur at Your Disposal.

CES is the event of the year for consumer electronics and offers the protagonists of the industry a wide range of networking opportunities, presentations outside the exhibition halls and meetings in the conference suites of the luxury hotels. Las Vegas offers all possibilities, but keep in mind that mobility between venues is essential for successful networking. ACTION Worldwide Limousines can offer you professional, stylish and flexible chauffeur services in Las Vegas. Book a business limousine, SUV or minibus, for transfers or at your disposal for the whole day. And another tip: Book in good time, because the CES with its expected 170,000 visitors has largely used up all available resources in recent years.

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