DA Z Digital Art Zurich 2022 | October 20 - 30
DA Z Digital Art Zurich 2022 | October 20 - 30
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Digital Art

DA Z Digital Art Zurich 2022


Oktober 20 – 30


Digital Art Festival Zurich


This is the new international festival for digital culture in Zurich.

Around forty nationally and internationally renowned artists will be performing at the first international festival for digital culture, the DA Z – including some of the most important protagonists of digital art and the founders of the live coding movement. Overall, there are more female artists than male artists in Zurich.

The aim of the festival is to combine the highest artistic quality with the discourse on global social developments and the influence of digitization on all our everyday lives.

At five primary and numerous other venues, the artists will address the topic of digitization and its effects on society with screenings, installations, interventions, performances, music events, workshops, and talks.




The art festival Digital Art Zurich DA Z takes place at various locations in Zurich. Well-known art institutions such as the ‘Museum für Gestaltung’ and the music club Moods, as well as more unconventional locations will be the platforms for digital art in all variants over the course of five days.

DA Z Zurich 2022 is the largest festival for digital art and culture in Switzerland. Its goal is to invite the world’s most outstanding artists in the field of digital art and thus the avant-garde of the new culture.


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Enjoy the city of Zurich with its diverse sights




For more tourist information, check Zurichs official travel portal.

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