How to increase the ROI of executives’ business trips
How to increase the ROI of executives’ business trips
Travel Management, Chauffeured Services  |  20 November, 2019  |  Heidi Claus

You know it would be comfortable to book a limousine service for your executive’s next business trip. If it weren’t for the controller on the 3rd floor, who always wants to know precisely whether the money is actually invested sensibly. Well, speak his jargon and tell him that the private limousine service brings a high ROI.

ROI or Return on Investment is an important key indicator for the profitability of the invested capital. If you are thinking about using a limousine service for your executives, you should in fact know what the cost benefits are. The calculation is simple: the value of using a private limousine should outweigh the cost. But how do you measure the value? What are the financial benefits? Read on to find out which are the four most important financial arguments in favor of a chauffeur service.

1. Time is money

The time of senior executives is extremely valuable – simply because of the salary they earn. That is why it makes sense to keep travel time as short as possible. Waiting times should be avoided at all costs. Every interruption in the travel process causes stress and lost work time. That is why it makes sense for managers to be chauffeured in a pre-booked limousine to the appointment or to the airport and back.


2. Safe travel

A limousine, perhaps even an armored vehicle, offers a high degree of safety. Experienced and well-trained drivers can assess dangerous situations and act in an appropriate manner. Avoiding large crowds increases safety in a chauffeured limousine even more. Overall, travel risks are minimized through the use of limousines with qualified personnel. This is especially true in areas with a tense security situation. Think of the current riots in Hong Kong, for example. In a private limousine the feeling of security helps managers to fully concentrate on their work.


Tracking and monitoring

To ensure safety for our customers, each service is being monitored closely. Realtime status notifications, automated flight tracking, driver apps and many other features of a proactive risk management make sure that all worldwide services work smoothly.


3. Privacy in the limousine

During your phone calls, you don’t have to whisper to not reveal secret business information. Imagine you are sitting in an airport shuttle train and get a phone call from your most important customer. Would you feel comfortable accepting the call? A private limousine allows executives to hold undisturbed conference calls or read confidential correspondence. Thus they can hold productivity high while they are traveling. Travelers can rest assured that their business secrets are safe with reliable drivers and no one else listening.


4. Less stress, more productivity

You can hardly travel less stressful: The limousine is comfortable, the chauffeur takes care of everything you need, your safety is guaranteed and you arrive at your destination on time. All of this ensures that the passenger feels comfortable. He can therefore not only use the travel time as productive working time, but will also arrive relaxed and full of energy at the business appointment. Nothing hinders a successful business deal.

Broken down to the ROI of an executive’s business trip, this means that you can sometimes even weigh the costs of a private limousine against the value of a successful deal. Under these conditions, the decision whether or not to book a chauffeur service is an easy one – and your controller will fully support your choice.

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