Avoid the Crowd: Q&A About Meet & Greet Services
Avoid the Crowd: Q&A About Meet & Greet Services
Safety & Security, Airports  |  8th November 2019  |  Heidi Claus

Jessica Große is responsible for the Meet & Greet services at ACTION Worldwide Limousines. In this Q&A she explains what makes the service so valuable for her customers.

1. Ms. Große, which customer groups are most likely to book Meet & Greet Services with you?

We distinguish between three customer groups: One of the biggest groups consists of business travelers, especially C level executives and managers. Beyond that, VIPs and public figures frequently make use of our services. The third group might come as a surprise to you: Occasionally, families book our Meet & Greet services too.


2. What is the most important aspect of the Meet & Greet services for your customers?

For most customers, saving time is the top priority. When business travelers book Meet & Greet on Arrival, they are picked up at the door of the arriving aircraft to be transferred by private vehicle to the lounge. Depending on the airport facilities, immigration and customs formalities can be handled within the lounge area. The luggage is brought directly to the lounge too, eliminating waiting times at the passport check or baggage claim. In an ideal world, the customer can have his first meeting 30 minutes after landing.


3. How important is the security aspect for your customers?

Security is even more important for many of our customers. We have clients with different security needs: Some VIPs need personal security, for others security aspects are only relevant in specific destinations and some people just feel a little bit safer being accompanied by an experienced greeter at foreign airports.

For a VIP’s safety it’s essential to “avoid the crowd” at airports. If a VIP books Meet & Greet on Departure, he can get out of the limousine in front of a separate VIP terminal entrance at most airports. While the VIP customer enjoys the comfort of the lounge, his airport assistant takes care of the check-in and the luggage. When it’s time for boarding the customer will be transferred by private vehicle to the departing aircraft. Thus he or she is perfectly shielded from the crowds at the airport and enjoys maximum safety.


4. You offer Meet & Greet at all major airports worldwide. How do you find suitable partners all over the world?

We have built up a reliable network in recent years. This means we can fall back on recommendations from proven partners when we are planning to add a new location to our Meet & Greet services. New dedicated agents get a comprehensive briefing and have to demonstrate their skills in a test run. We often travel to the new destination ourselves to get to know our contacts in person and to verify the quality of their services.


5. What different forms of Meet & Greet do you offer? Is the implementation the same at all airports worldwide?

We offer Meet & Greet on Arrival, Meet & Greet on Transit from flight to flight and Meet & Greet on Departure. What all three forms have in common is that we guarantee a maximum of comfort, safety and time saving to our customers.

Actually, the implementation depends heavily on the airport facilities and national security regulations. You could even say that no two airports are the same. In Frankfurt, to give you an example, Meet & Greet is handled at a special gate, Berlin offers Meet & Greet in a separate terminal building. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance to work with experienced airport assistants who are familiar with the local conditions. The people make the real difference for our customers and help them navigate through foreign airports with ease and comfort.


Get to know our locations

For more detailed service descriptions, please go to “Locations”.


6. Does the Meet & Greet service always run smoothly, what are the most common challenges or difficulties?

We do everything we can to ensure that our Meet & Greet service runs smoothly. However, some disruptions in the process are beyond our control, such as delayed or cancelled flights, strikes or forgotten passports. Even in these cases, our greeters try to solve the problem for the customer, e. g. by changing bookings or contacting the client’s personal assistant. Our agents really understand their job as a helping hand in every situation. But if the client arrives at the airport just three minutes before departure, even the most experienced agents can’t do anything about it.

The most critical point is the seamless communication of all parties involved, especially the limousine chauffeur, the passenger or assistant, the greeter and, if necessary, the security agent. Even the best service concept is undermined by weaknesses in communication. That is why we strongly recommend putting the entire service chain, i.e. chauffeured transportation and Airport Meet & Greet, in one hand because this is how we gain control of what is happening.


7. You attach great importance to individual service. What happens when a customer contacts you? How do you figure out which service is right for his or her needs?

Our big advantage is that you don’t end up in a call center when you call us. Instead, you are advised by qualified personnel. No matter which day of the week and what time, you will always reach an employee who takes care of your booking from A to Z. Our staff will ask the person calling all the necessary questions to find out what is important to the customer so we can provide the best service.


8. If I wanted to book a Meet & Greet service, what information do you need?

First of all, we need your flight details and your exact name. How will you arrive at the airport? Do you want us to provide a limousine service too? Are there any time constraints, e. g. a meeting before departure or after arrival? Do you need a meeting room at the airport? Would you like to take a nap and a shower during your waiting time? Do you have any special needs with regard to health or eating habits? With all these questions, we make sure that we know our customers’ needs by heart in order to provide them with the best possible service.

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